Apply for Disputing Salik Violations

This service enables you to apply for disputing the fines related to the Electronic Toll Road System (Salik).

  • Overview
  • Ways to Apply
  • Service Details
All customers are eligible to apply for this service.
Required documents

For individuals

  1. Fine number
  2. Emirates ID
  3. Vehicle Ownership
  4. Payment Receipt

For Companies

  1. Fine number
  2. Letter with the company’s bank details
  3. Payment receipt
  4. Trade license
Service Fees
This service is free.
Process time
up to 15 working days.
Mobile Application
Call Centre
right arrowSalik customer service representative: 80072545.
  • The customer applies for the service through Salik website, mobile application or Call Centre.
  • The customer receives the dispute application reference number and then its status.
Average waiting time
What will you get
  • Dispute application number and then the application status (Approval or rejection).
  • If the application was approved, the fine is cancelled from the system and refunded if already paid.
Terms and Conditions
This service has no terms and conditions.
  • Question 1: If the customer receives a Salik fine, will it increase if he does not pay it on time?

    Answer 1: There are no additional fines if the customer didn't pay the fine on time.

  • Question 2: What are the types of Salik violations?

    Answer 2: There are two types of Salik violations:

    • Unregistered Plate Violations (URP): This fine is registered when the customer passes through a Salik gate without registering a Salik tag on the vehicle and without applying for registering the plate within 10 working days after the toll trip.

    • First violation: 100 AED on the first day if the customer passes without a registered plate (maximum 1 violation per day).

    • Second violation: 200 AED the second day if the customer passes without a registered plate.

    • Third violation: 400 AED the third day if the customer passes without a registered plate.

    • 400 AED for any violation after the third URP violation.

    • Note: Follow this Link to check Salik related FAQs.

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